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Hailing from an Indian family that believes food is an everyday celebration, Vinoth grew up seeing his grand mother and mother whip up a variety of dishes on a daily basis to feed their large extended family. Meat and sea food featured prominently in their daily meals. His earliest memory is that of his grandma cooking each part of a freshly slaughtered goat in a time tested and unique way.. this got him interested in cooking various cuts of meat and he spent a lot of time experimenting with a variety of dishes.

He was a HR professional by daytime and food experimentor / curator by night. When the opportunity to set up a food business came up, Vinoth knew he found his calling.

Kurry Korner-A long cherished dream came to life on August 2013, Vinoth partnered with his friend KK Subramanian who shared his passion for food.

What started as a small beach side foodstall on the shores of Siloso beach in Sentosa soon multiplied into several food places across Singapore (5 branches)

When his family relocated to Bangkok, it was the right opportunity to expand operations beyond Singapore.. Vinoth was lucky to meet his dream team of Chef Arvind Negi, Chef Pardeep, Chef Gopal and Ankit Srivastava

An Indian meal is incomplete without either kebabs or kurries so team decided to work on this concept and came up with Kebabs & Kurries which offers limited, curated range of unique Kebabs and Kurries

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Kebabs and Kurries #1 Restaurant in Bangkok.



Welcome to Kebabs and Kurries

indian restaurant


Monday - Sunday

11.00 a.m - 11.00 p.m

+66 020777274

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